Ways To Grow Your Boobs Naturally

The topic of growing larger breasts is of great controversy.

On one side, people might think you’re doing it out of pure low self-esteem.

On the other side, there’s the whole issues of irrevocable surgeries and implants.

Whatever the case may be, most women have a bustier chest but such aspirations can sometimes be frowned upon.

Appropriately enough, insecurity in this space is shoved down women’s throats with advertisements and the permeable rise of social media.

With so many creams, pictures, bras, dresses and other instruments being available to achieve a fuller bust – it can be frightening to imagine the sheer pressure placed upon females on this respect.

Fortunately enough, there are natural ways to achieve larger breasts which can be pursued easily.

Exercise plays a huge part, any type of exercise that deals with pressing can accentuate the chest area for a woman by toning up and strengthening the chest muscles.

Nutrition also plays a significant role by removing toxins in the body and replacing them with estrogen. Good estrogen which can give rise to the femininity in women and allowing them to feel better and more content.

On that same token, things like yoga, pilates, and running long distances are actually counter-productive. Let along fucking elliptical machines.

This will wither away the muscle and make people look inherently smaller. Whereas squats, presses and pulls can strengthen and stimulate muscle growth giving women a much fuller look – think Beyonce instead of Taylor Swift.

Make a comparison between long distance runners and sprinters.

Long distance runners look decimated and very skinny, meanwhile sprinters look much more muscular and healthy.

Nevertheless are they athletes despite looking like under-nutritioned high schoolers, but having good toned muscle is much more attractive.

Hence why I try to push people to go in the gym to grow and not to waste time looking their phone while “working out”.

This whole trend of people being on the elliptical and texting while unenthusiastically performing some kind of bizarre workout is sickening and the core of what’s wrong with the United States.

People just don’t want to do the work anymore.

They want the government to regulate the economy so they have to work less and earn more. No longer is productive ability the measure through which one makes it in this world, people want shit handed to them on a silver platter.

Instead of dialing in their workouts and paying attention to what they eat, they’d rather take a pill that’ll solve all their problems.

It’s why the great historian Will Durant remarked once, “Great nations are born stoic, and die epicurean.”

And if modern United States is not the quintessential epicurean society….I don’t know what is.

As we get close to our demise, it’ll be interesting to see what this downfall will bring.

Long gone are the days of self-made men who through sheer will power, intellect and ability rose from poverty to wealth. From obscurity to prominence.

The days of an illiterate Commodore Vanderbilt who climbed the ranks of American society through competition and will.

The days of a self-taught Abraham Lincoln who became arguable one of the greatest presidents in American history on intellect and studiousness.

The days of a self-made Rockefeller who left school at 16 and through industry and frugality rose to be the wealthiest American who’s ever lived.

We live in a society where we uphold consumerism and vacation as opposed to production and industry.